I started this school year with a time management plan in hand. I scheduled every second of my time to be what most would consider productive.

Between 9-10 I would have class, 10-11 would be homework for that class, followed by yet another class and more time to study. I would then go to work, study some more, workout at some point and go to bed. All of this was METICULOUSLY scheduled.

I bet you can guess how long I kept this schedule. That’s right. It lasted less than a week. I found myself getting out of class thinking “ah just five minutes of nothing, then I’ll get to work” and after a while it was more like “oh I’ll just do it later.”

So you’re reading this post, thinking, “gee he’s lame” or “I completely understand.” If you’re in the first group, well then you don’t really need to keep reading, for you have found the secret to time management. Those of us who fall in the second, I discovered what my error was.

I never scheduled time for myself. This made my schedule almost impossible to keep and completely depressing to look at.

When you make your daily schedule, remember to incorporate time to do things that you want to do. Whatever it is you like – plan on doing it. This will give you something to look forward to throughout the day.

For more tips on managing your time effectively, I found these tips to be useful.