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Yes folks, it has been a very long time since I have posted anything to this particular blog. I’ve been busy. But in all reality, so are we all. Therefore I apologize for starting something and not keeping up with it. In the time since my last post, I have finished a year of college, traveled to Germany, was in a German wedding, and returned to work and study once again.

As a student of Walla Walla University I have the opportunity to enjoy my summertime until the end of September when classes begin. During this time I have decided to take the GRE, and get a head start in kinesiology. So the last few days I have studied 4 chapters, completed 4 assignments, and acquired a book to help me study for the GRE.

I plan to continue this pace, and, hopefully, I’ll be more than prepared when classes begin.

What do you think? Would I do better by relaxing through the summer, or am I on the right path? Leave a comment and let me know!