This summer I have challenged myself to work on and possibly finish a novel and blog about my experience doing it. If you haven’t visited my blog “a writing adventure,” take a look. You might like it.

a writing adventure

Some time ago I was flying to LAX from Walla Walla and I was sitting next to a fascinating woman. I cannot recall her name, but we started talking about SCUBA diving the conversation prompted by a hat I was wearing. She shared with me a number of stories of her diving adventures, and then she asked me what I was working on. I had a 2007 Macbook pro sitting on my meal tray, and before our conversation started I was typing frantically on the keyboard. I told her I was writing a book. She smiled, and asked what prompted me to start writing.

I told her about writing poetry in the 2nd grade. How it always felt challenging, but was like an adventure, something new and exciting. Then I moved on through the various classes, and the variety of teachers that I had that prompted me to write more.

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