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If you were president, what would you do? I have often asked myself this question, and often times I come up with brilliant ideas that, if put into practice, probably wouldn’t work. However, on a small scale, such as being club president, I think that perhaps some of my ideas will be successful.

The last couple of weeks the other officers and myself put together a tentative schedule for the German Club at Walla Walla University. I’m the president of the club, and I’m trying to reorganize it to make it one of the more successful clubs on campus.

Our first project was to make sure that we would be able to tell perspective members exactly what they will get by signing up for the club. So we created events, and some details about each event, so that if someone asks, we can answer accurately and effectively. We also made sure that we have enough events planned – at least one per month – in order to make the club itself worthwhile.

Next, we chose a door prize for the club – the new Kindle Fire HD. I believe that chance to win the Kindle Fire HD will help perspective members see more of an immediate benefit to the club. Also, if someone refers another person to the club, the referer’s name goes into the drawing yet another time.

That’s what I and the other officers came up with. But as you are outside and looking in at my plans – please tell me what I missed. If you have ideas, I look forward to reading them. If you think that I should do something differently, tell me. You’re advice and comments are like gold, and I look forward to learning from you.

A poster I designed for the German Club