It started with a couple of classes, a lot of work, and some homework. It started with the equivalent of a 14-hour workday. It is often misunderstood. It is the life of those who carry the title of “student.” It is the beginning, and the end. It is a brand new year of classes.

Once upon a time, not so long ago I was talking with a professor at a unamed University. When I described my workload to him he asked me “who in their right mind would let you do that?!” At this time I would like to thank the professor for his comment, but the truth is that nobody is “letting” me do what I do, I have to do it.

College costs money, and the one I attend is no exception to this rule. Today¬†financial “aid” typically consists of a large number of loans, and if you’re lucky, a grant. Scholarships have become more difficult to attain as they are not as readily available – and those that are require time to apply for. If you look at the odds of getting the scholarship in comparison to the money you would make at work in the same time it takes you to do the scholarship application, it’s easier to go for the sure cash, instead of relying on somebody else to provide.

I hope that this can shed a little light on the life of a college student. It’s not always fun and games. Much of it consists of work, pushing to meet deadlines, and trying to get some sleep in between.

What is your college experience?