About me

Good morning! Good afternoon and good evening. I am very pleased to welcome you to my blog of information, fun, discussions and simply an opportunity to pick people’s brains on various topics during my final year in college.

My name is Jeff, or Jeffrey, or even Eugene if you so desire. I am currently studying public relations, German, and physical education at Walla Walla University, a Seventh-day Adventist institution located in College Place, Washington. I work at The Dairy Express, also located in College Place. It’s a college-run vegetarian deli/grill combined with a gas station.

In 2010-2011 I studied German in Germany, and took the opportunity to explore a little bit. A couple of years earlier (2007-2008) I spent some time in Guam teaching journalism and physical education. With this said, I love to travel. Beyond this I enjoy reading books of all kinds shapes and sizes. I read far more science fiction, fantasy and general fiction than most other literature, and will likely retain this trend in the following years.

Now that you have a basic idea of who I am, browse around some to learn more, check out my reading list to see what I’m reading now, or planning on reading in the future. Recommend books to me, ask questions, and answer questions. But please, in doing all of this, have fun and enjoy doing it.


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